Let them smile... Enjoy it! ^_*

by - February 27, 2010

Have you ever come across a situation where you are doing something minding your own business then people pass you by smiled looking at what you are doing? Sometimes you get embarrassed, and suddenly you have the urge to turn your self into a stalk and plug your head in the sand right that moment.. Malunya... !!! hehehe...

Well that happens to me all the time. Here are a few incidents I like to share with you.. when people smile at the sight of me..:

1) When my daughter was still breastfeeding. I was only a tutor at a small college. There was time when I hide under my desktop table to pump her milk supply everyday. The sound of the pump was always a sign to everybody in the room. When ever the session was over I came back to sit on my desk then there were smiles from my colleagues. 

Some who was brave enough with bunch of curiosity will approach with questions on what I was doing, what is  the best approach to be successful to brestfeed until 2 years old, what do they need to eat, how to go about and manage time.. and lots more.

So although it was kinda embarrassing in my part but all in all it wasn't a bad gesture. People could learn from you. And you are not doing anything wrong anyway. Maybe you'll give some motivation for other people to do the same thing right. So all those smiles didn't seem to be so bad after-all.. eihh hehehe...

2) The second situation was when I was a student in our local university. I was always the sporty kind of girl. Though I look soft spoken, soft as most my friend see me. But I like adventure very much. I like to wear jeans and long sleeve man-like shirts to class. There was a semester when i cycle to class daily. People will always smile whenever I arrive. But to me that wasn't that embarrassing. Coz boys rode motorcycle to class I rode my bicycle. Thought it was a special sight at that moment but all in all still acceptable.

The situation that was kind of embarrassing to me was in my degree time, I stayed with my classmate and we were renting a house really close to the lake in town. At that time I have a habit of putting on my running attire and with my walkman plug in my ear every morning after Subuh prayer and brisk walk to the lake. I did this every time I don't have a morning class and every weekend. I'm short sighted.. I never wear my glasses any other time except in class where I have to face the lecturer. Other time my glasses are tucked in my bag-pack.

The first time I did that my friends didn't seem to give much attention to it. But my activity seem constant and turn out I did it regularly they started to crack a smile every morning when I started to put on my running attire. Some looked amaze, some of them even started to gather some friends in groups to organise the jogging session of their own. Even some of the boys in class was also started smiling when they saw me in class with my walkman. It turns out they also notice my activity (jogging and brisk walking), as I wasn't wearing my glasses I never noticed them when they pass me by. 

One of the benefit i notice is, although it was kind of embarrassing at the moment having some people smile at your activity, but it turns out my little gesture has aspire some of my housemate to also join in the healthy activity at their own pace and time. Some even ask me if they could join in with me... So all those smirk turns out to not so bad at all in the end. Mula2 memang lah rasa segan dan malukan.. but kendian besh gak..per.. hehehe..

3) The third scenario is my current situation. I started out kinda lousy at work. Sometimes my boss would saw my eyes all teary at some moment all of a sudden. She wanted to ask something about work I was working on, yes I did it regularly and reported the progress but there was time when she turned to me I was all teary and blushed. She was really careful to ask on those related to work and nothing else. She did have some concerned facial expression. I also had a really bad discipline to start of. I punch in late in the morning with some reason that was also still valid to her.

But all in all I always seem to be technically literate when ever it turns over to work related task. Although my life seem a little messed-up at the moment, my knowledge and technical experience still shine through.I was able to give out deliverables but it was constantly delayed. But the output was at par with her expectation and sometime better. 

But now as I had slowly remove all the things that had been a disturbance in my life. And started to organise and manage personal, emotional, professional obligation in place, my life seems to be more organise. My discipline was improve, my worked started to meet deadlines, the projection of my image started to improve. My mind started to be more optimistic and positive. I've started to get involve in sports activity, gradually my smile shines. I turn in to the office early or on time... 

I see the smile in my boss's face. She slowly seem to trust me more and slowly handing over task to me as she started to see me shine and improve. She didn't say much but her soft smile was really relieving. Thanks for having patience in me and putting some faith in my credibility. I will do my best and not let you down. 

It is kind of embarrassing to me having to face all these little situation of smiley... But it's better to have people smile at you when your doing things that is good rather than have people smirk at you for your bad image behavior and lack of credibility. So it's comes back to the title of my post today...

Let them smile... Enjoy it

 PS: recently I have some Sapura staff smiling at me as I came in from the parking bay as they know I will choose the staircase instead of the lift every morning... hehehe malunya... but enjoy it.. while it last kan... kan.. kan.. (^_^)v

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